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FreshClaw Team

Our Story

FreshClaw is a sub-brand of PETNF, a company specializing in pet product development and sales. Over the last 3 years, PETNF has sold over half a million items worldwide.

It is our goal that all of our customers are satisfied and have a great shopping experience.

At a product development meeting in 2019, our team members Sophie and Jesse were discussing the disadvantages of clay litter: it's terrible for the environment, it produces heavy dust (even brands that claim to be 'dust free'), it clumps badly, and it's inefficient - 20 to 40 lbs. per month for one cat. As environmentalists (and owners of two adorable cats), they suggested we develop a new natural, plant-based cat litter. The idea was the start of a movement.

With this revolutionary idea, Sophie and Jesse started developing our product from the supply-chain back. With our product manager David and our engineer Johnson, they developed FreshClaw™ over 8 months and sold it in a trial run on Amazon under the PETNF brand. After just 4 months, with so much great feedback, we launched this product as our new brand – FreshClaw™.
Today, FreshClaw provides safe, natural, dust-free, super-absorbent, quick-forming, 100% environmentally friendly, and lightweight (just 10 lbs. per month for one cat) cat litter for our fur babies. And yours!

√We ensure that all our customers are satisfied and have a great shopping experience.

√In addition to the cat litter, we also have a professional design team and factory to make the pet products. We have provided quality products and services to more than 300,000 pet owners.


All litters promise performance, but they’re not all the same
FreshClaw™ works hard inside and outside the box to improve the lives of cats and their owners