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When Cat Litter Meet Plant

100% natural plant-based cat litter - healthy and eco-friendly

"Some things you didn't know about clay cat litter that can HURT you!"

Are you a fanatic cat mommy or daddy who’s equally passionate about saving the planet too?

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Enormous:  In the United States alone, 5 Billion poundsof clay is mined each year, the most of the clay used are using to make the cat litter.

Defect:  Clay litter does not degrade. so 80 Billion poundsof clay will end up in landfills and keep stay in there forever!

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Silica:  It is estimated that about 95% of US cat litter contains silica.* Silica is classified as a human carcinogen (cancer-causing) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Defect:  Mining killsand injures more people than any other work in the world. More than 15000miners are killed every year.

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Homelss:  The clay litter, which mined from pristine nature, destroys wildlifehabitat and makes them homeless.

UTI:  Large amounts of clay litter dust may cause the cats got respiratory and urinary tract infections in cats.

We Know That You Realize How In The US Alone 5 Billion Pounds Of Clay’s Mined Annually, Most Which Is Used To Make The Cat Litter That Ends Up In Landfills And Never Degrades!

And Not Only This, But The Large Amounts Of Clay Litter Dust May Cause Your Beloved Cats Respiratory And Urinary Tract Infections Too.

Whereas The Carcinogenic Silica Which Is A Component Of 95% Of US Cat Litters Makes You A Lot More Anxious As Well.

But No More!

Introducing FreshClaw - A 100% Natural Plant Litter Made From Pea Fiber, Corn Starch And Starch To Ensure Product Safety And Health.

The most popular types of litter (clay and crystal) are absolutely awful for the environment.The FreshClaw is a new type of 100% natural plant litter. It traps carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and perfectly biodegradable. It is an environmentally responsible litter!

You've Helped Protect Our Earth’s Natural Resources. One Small Step, But With A Big Impact.

How it Works?

Suitable For Cats Of All Ages, It Makes Your Cat's Paw Feel More Comfortable, Takes Care Of Kittens, And Saves Consumption As Well.

Quick Clumping

Its 2.0MM Fine Particles and better wrapping effect, ensure that your cat's butt is dry, non-sticky and easy to clean up.

No Tracking

Absorbing quickly in 1.5 seconds, this lightweight, unbeatable odor-control kitty litter is easily flushable & 99.9% dust free.
No more tracking! No more stinky cat!

99.9% Dust Free

FreshClaw Cat litter is 99.99% dust-free, It doesn't have any odors or added pigments, just a natural plant smell, which is perfectly safe for your cat. Even the pickiest cat won't say no.

100% Flushable

It is 100% soluble and can be washed completely, saving the trouble of handling twice. The starchy properties of tofu cat litter allow it to dissolve quickly in water within 3 seconds, but we recommend flushing the cat litter into the toilet a small amount at a time.

A Revolution Plant Litter That Saves 35% Than Clay.

The FreshClaw tofu cat litter weighs half as much as the clay, but it is 4 times more water absorbent than the clay cat litter and 5 times more water absorbent than crystal cat litter. and if you're still using clay, Nnt only will you save 35% on your monthly Kitty litter bill, your cat's health will be better protected after replacing the tofu litter.
The most popular types of litter (clay and crystal) are absolutely awful for the environment.

Take better care of your cat.

Our goal is to provide the safest, eco- friendly litter for all cats.
We can choose sustainable lifestyles and end the destruction of our planet.

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