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FreshClaw FAQ

Please send an email to support@freshclaw.com and our staff will deal with it for you in a time.

This depends on where you live, but delivery is usually limited to a maximum of 7 days (usually faster) within North America.

The FreshClaw Cat litter is made from food-grade ingredients and we can't accept returns because I can't guarantee the integrity of the product.My warehouse doesn't accept returning garbage by mail. I only offer refunds in the case of duplicate accounts and subscriptions accidentally created. If you fail to cancel or update your account before the re-billing date, or your cat/you do not like cat litter, the refund will not be issued. If you do not want to re-charge, you must suspend or cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the date you should re-charge, which you can do at any time from your account. Please note: If you cancel or suspend, there is no way my system can charge you. When you subscribe, you agree to all of the above terms and other FreshClaw club terms of service.

Yes, it's safe for well-maintained septic systems.

FreshClaw™ Cat Litter is made from naturally Biodegradable soy with fast clumping making litter easy to scoop. This mulch able and flushable litter breaks down when immersed in liquid, so it's safe to flush, even with septic tanks. However, some customers like to compost it instead. One customer even said her grass is coming back!

In order not to cause any possible damage to the septic tank,please remember *Flush only 1-2 clumps of FreshClaw™ Tofu Cat Litter at a time in the toilet.

Our goal is one cat one bag per month!

It proved by 100 cat litter testers, they found that one cat one bag per month is the most appropriate amount.

This natural tofu litter is made from pea powder, corn meal and starch.There is no harm to your cat.

That's easy! We recommend to fill at least 2 inches litter to your cat litter box.

The FreshClaw Cat litter is very soft to the touch and easy to dig, so most of cats will like it. As we know, some cats are very picky, so you may have to mix with the old litter to use together first, and then change to the FreshClaw Cat litter after a week.

Unlike other all-natural, grain litters you won’t have to worry about keeping the remaining FreshClaw litter in an airtight or sealed container to keep out bugs and other pests. My litter isn’t ‘raw’ so bugs, rodents, pests, or even other pets won’t recognize it as food. No worries!