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Last Updated: May 2, 2020
The FreshClaw Cat litter is made from food-grade ingredients and we can't accept returns because we can't guarantee the integrity of the product and our warehouse won't accept that too.

We only offer refunds in the case of duplicate accounts and subscriptions accidentally created. However, if the package had shipped by our fullfill team before we received your refund/return request email or support ticket, the refund will not be issued. If you fail to cancel or update your account before the re-billing date, or your cat/you do not like cat litter, the refund will not be issued too.
If you do not want to be recharge, you must suspend or cancel your subscription within 24 hours. You can do at any time from your account.
Please note:
If you cancel or suspend, Our system will not charge you.
When you subscribe, that's mean you agree all the terms and other FreshClaw club terms of service.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email address.
Email: support@freshclaw.com